NPN Environmental's diverse air quality management team provides our clients extensive experience and knowledge stemming from multiple disciplines. Led by professional engineers, our air quality professionals include scientists, engineers, and technicians with formal education in chemistry, mathematics, industrial hygiene, and engineering.

Because of our experience in multiple disciplines, NPN Environmental has an extensive working knowledge of industrial, commercial, chemical, and mining regulatory requirements. We couple in-depth expertise with qualified techniques for measuring and monitoring air pollution emissions and have established regulatory resources to facilitate and expedite solutions to your air quality needs.

Permits and Compliance Programs

NPN Environmental prepares permit applications and compliance programs that are fundamental to our clients' operations. Our team of professionals prepares air permit applications including Federally enforceable Title V Operating Permits, State Construction/Operating Permits, and various other permits required by State or local agencies. We proficiently develop compliance programs and strategies by using our extensive experience and knowledge of major Federal and State regulatory air programs. In addition, we expeditiously facilitate permit acquisition through our established regulatory resources.

Source Testing

NPN Environmental provides source testing services in accordance with regulatory requirements and permit conditions for existing or new air pollution emission units. Additionally, we have effectively utilized our source testing capabilities to optimize and enhance process operations, develop cost-saving new emission factors, characterize emissions for pollution control or monitoring equipment, and quantify emissions for CERCLA and EPCRA release reporting. NPN Environmental's staff is experienced and familiar with EPA source testing methodologies for pollutants including VOCs, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, particulates, HAPs, metals, and opacity. We can also develop and implement protocols and test methods for facility-specific chemicals and pollutants.

Emission Inventories

Most State and local agencies require annual air pollution emission inventories, with fees assessed based on either actual or potential emissions. We provide in-depth emission inventory services beyond just completing forms. Our team evaluates a facility's emission units to apply the most appropriate emission factor and acquire process throughputs and parameters to ensure an accurate inventory and subsequent fee assessment.

Dispersion Modeling

Many regulatory agencies require dispersion modeling to evaluate the impact of newly constructed emission sources on surrounding properties. Dispersion modeling can also be used as a tool to evaluate toxic gas releases in development of risk management plans, analyze control device options or determine optimum stack height. NPN Environmental's professionals perform complex dispersion modeling utilizing EPA models and the latest technological methods available.

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