The practical experience of our asbestos inspectors, management planners, project designers and air sampling professionals facilitates successful implementation of services that include investigations, management plans, design specifications and air monitoring surveillance.

All asbestos personnel are trained and certified to EPA, OSHA and State criteria, and all work is conducted under the supervision of a Registered Professional Engineer. Whether minimizing the release of friable asbestos fibers or providing ongoing management of asbestos-containing materials (ACM) or lead-based paint (LBP), NPN Environmental has the expertise to successfully complete any project.

Building and Facility Inspections

NPN Environmental utilizes a certified team of professionals to conduct thorough ACM and LBP investigations for facility management, building redevelopment or demolition. Our team uses regulatory standards for sample procurement and analysis to properly identify and assess ACM and LBP. We provide a summary of findings and a professional recommendation for the management of ACM and LBP that comply with all Federal, State and local regulations.

Operation and Maintenance Programs

We specialize in developing practical and economic solutions for ACM and LBP management. Building and facility owners are required to manage ACM and LBP and often need to seek professional services.

NPN Environmental has developed a variety of facility-specific programs that are practical for operating parameters and economical for budget requirements. Accordingly, our team cost-effectively provides the experience and qualifications for an innovative individualized program for our clients.

Abatement Design & Specifications

Our professional engineers are certified project designers who have expertise in designing abatement plans ranging from removal of small quantities of ACM and LBP to complex abatement projects. Technical specifications are developed to diligently comply with regulatory requirements, provide health and safety protection for building inhabitants and contractor workers, and to ensure minimal liability and risk for building owners.

Project Management

Project planning and coordination with facility owners, management, contractors and other pertinent parties are instituted during conceptual design. Our team develops a project work plan and extensively reviews it with clients to ensure all goals and objectives are successfully met. Project Management includes coordination meetings prior to project commencement and throughout implementation of the entire project, along with contractor oversight and construction management.

Air Monitoring Surveillance

Air monitoring protocols are developed for project-specific site parameters. EPA, OSHA and NIOSH procedures are implemented for background information, personnel exposure, project execution, and clearance testing. NPN Environmental utilizes independent laboratories with NVLAP and AIHA accreditations to prevent conflict of interest for all parties and to minimize client risk or liability.

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