NPN Environmental's experienced team of registered professional engineers and geologists, environmental and geological engineers, and hydrogeologists has successfully completed over 500 Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESAs). We specialize in conducting ESAs as part of the due diligence process in real estate transactions to determine "recognized environmental conditions."

Our team of environmental specialists utilizes its diverse real estate, regulatory, geological and hydrogeological expertise to provide full-service assessments in accordance with the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM) standards. Representing either the buyer or seller, we can expeditiously prepare an ESA which includes historical uses, regulatory review, and an investigation of the site to identify evidence of recognized environmental conditions. Our experienced professional team provides comprehensive ESAs for properties as simple as vacant land to large complex real estate holdings, industrial and commercial facilities, and Brownfield redevelopment sites.

Phase I ESAs

NPN Environmental offers our clients an experienced professional team to perform in-depth ESAs with the foremost attention to providing the highest quality and diligent findings in accordance with standards set forth by ASTM Standard E-1527. Our diverse team of registered geologists, professional engineers, registered environmental assessors, asbestos inspectors, lead-based paint inspectors, and environmental scientists fully incorporates its experience and expertise into property history research, regulatory review, and a comprehensive site assessment. All ESAs are performed under the direction of a registered professional engineer.

During an ESA, a member of our professional team assesses the property condition for environmental risks, which may include suspect petroleum, hazardous material, other chemical releases, presence of UST/ASTs, PCBs, suspect ACMs, and air, water or waste issues. To effectively determine all potential site risks, we dedicate a professional staff to our clients to provide the most thorough ESAs possible in this industry and ultimately reduce any potential future risks associated with a property for our clients.

Phase II ESAs

Either by recommendation from a Phase I ESA or for direct determination of a recognized environmental condition, NPN Environmental can implement your Phase II ESA. Our diverse team of professionals, including hydrogeologists and environmental engineers, has hands-on experience in conducting investigations for typical environmental concerns to complex subsurface investigations for soil and groundwater contamination of a property. We develop a thoroughly planned step-by-step investigation process to eliminate unnecessary additional costs, therefore performing only practical and economical investigations for our clients. Our team conducts numerous ESAs on a full range of properties and has successfully maintained a growing list of clients requesting NPN Environmental for all ESAs because of their continued trust in our comprehensive assessments, extensively qualified team, and sensitivity to budget constraints.

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"Our experienced team of professionals are uniquely qualified to minimize our clients' risk in property evaluation and transfer."