NPN Environmental's principals have more than 40 years experience in decommissioning industrial and mining facilities.

Our team recognizes the time and economical constraints associated with facility downsizing and/or decommissioning and ensures regulatory compliance through all phases of decommissioning.

Our professionals combine environmental knowledge with hands-on experience during decommissioning and have the expertise in multiple disciplines to provide a full array of services to meet our clients' environmental needs.

Safe Work Plans

Prior to decommissioning, our team of environmental specialists meticulously and cost-effectively develops safe work plans. The plans contain imperative information, which includes written assessments of potential safety, health and environmental risks and hazards associated with the performance of work at the facility. The potential chemical, physical and environmental hazards are thoroughly assessed and documented. Safe work plans specify appropriate personal protective equipment that will be used on a project and the safety procedures to be followed. Identifying hazards associated with work activities requires expertise and experience. With our professional foundation, our team will provide utmost care and attention to safety and diligent performance.

Decontamination Criteria Development

Establishing decontamination criteria to meet changing business needs requires a complete understanding of current regulatory policies. Our experienced team develops "attainable" cleanup criteria according to the clients' long-term uses of a site. To effectively minimize environmental liability and reduce costs, each step of the process is monitored and thoroughly documented.

Decommissioning Activities

Facility decommissioning includes plant revamping to complete site closure. The challenges of time and budget are expertly handled by NPN Environmental's team of professionals. By using the latest equipment and technology, NPN Environmental implements the Safe Work Plan and fully documents all site activities.

Waste Stream Management

NPN Environmental assists in waste streams generated from cleaning and decontamination activities. We identify and list major waste streams resulting from equipment removal and building cleanup. All hazardous and nonhazardous waste materials are properly containerized, profiled, transported and disposed in accordance with applicable regulations. We provide thorough documentation, from approval to shipment of identified waste streams.

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