Q: Who is NPN Environmental?
A: NPN Environmental is a professional engineering company providing service professionals, industry leaders and public entities with proven practical and cost-effective environmental services and foremost attention to liability protection.

Q: What does NPN stand for and how long has NPN Environmental been in existence?
A: NPN stands for Nicolaus Patrick Neumann, CEO, who founded NPN Environmental in early 1993.

Q: What services do you offer?
A: We provide nine business segments which include Air Quality Management, Asbestos & LBP Management, ESAs, Facility Decommissioning, Indoor Air Quality, Regulatory Compliance, Remediation Services, Tank and Container Management, and Water Quality Management. For detailed information, please see our services page or click the services above.

Q: Are you just a consulting company?
A: No, we provide many hands-on services such as stack testing, remediation activities, facility decommissioning, soil and water sampling, and UST/AST services.

Q: Do you have registered professional engineers?
A: Yes, NPN Environmental is incorporated as a professional engineering corporation with its principals registered in multiple states and accredited as professional environmental engineers through the American Academy of Environmental Engineering.

Q: Where is NPN Environmental located?
A: Our headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri with immediate access to two interstate highways.



Q: Do you only provide services in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area?
A: No, in fact we have performed environmental services in more than 40 states and have over 18 various accreditations and certifications in multiple states. Map Click Here.

Q: Do you have your own equipment?
A: Yes, we have the latest technology and equipment to support most projects.

Q: Do you have your own laboratory?
A: No, NPN Environmental uses a third party laboratory for independent performance to eliminate a potential conflict of interest.

Q: What professional liability insurance does NPN Environmental carry and how much?
A: NPN Environmental maintains insurance coverage at levels above industry standard for environmental liability and professional errors and omission. Our general, pollution, and professional (errors and omissions) liability coverage is $1 million with $5 million excess umbrella liability coverage. Worker Compensation insurance is maintained at levels above statutory requirements.

Q: What makes you different than other environmental companies?
  • Principals (registered professional engineers) lead all projects
  • Turnkey integrated environmental engineering services
  • Both consulting and contracting services and experience
  • Our team collectively holds extensive accreditations/certifications
  • Our desire to become long-term partners with our clients
  • Reputation of high quality services
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program

For more information, please contact us at (888) 343-1300 or E-mail us.

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