NPN Environmental's team of indoor air specialists has comprehensive experience in the development and management of creative and economic solutions to indoor air quality concerns. Our experienced team consists of environmental engineers, chemists, scientists, technicians, and consulting staff.

We specialize in providing innovative indoor air quality services for managing and monitoring indoor air environments. With working practical knowledge and extensive experience, we provide high-quality solutions to our clients' indoor air quality issues.

Building and Facility Investigations

NPN Environmental provides building owners and facility managers with comprehensive evaluations of indoor air quality utilizing recognized regulatory and industrial standards. Investigations include evaluations of HVAC systems, building components and furnishings, in conjunction with maintenance, housekeeping, and renovation activities.

Monitoring and Analysis

NPN Environmental performs investigations of indoor air quality pollutants using OSHA and EPA protocols for carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, volatile organics, ozone, formaldehyde, tobacco smoke, nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, asbestos, inorganic acids and gases, particulates, bacteria, and mold. Additionally, we assess ventilation parameters such as humidity, supply and return air volumes, and temperature as well as occupant issues that may be contributing to perceived or actual indoor air quality conditions.

Management Plans

NPN Environmental understands the importance of having a healthy work environment and can cost-effectively minimize risks associated with indoor air quality issues. Our detailed management plans provide extensive information relating to causes and effects of indoor air contaminants specific to a facility. After a thorough investigation and monitoring program, our professionals compile an indoor air management plan tailored to fit the operating needs of the building owners to ensure a healthy indoor work environment.

Remediation Services

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) reports that the major source of indoor air quality problems is inadequate ventilation. Additional causes of indoor air quality problems include contamination from indoor and outdoor sources, microbial contamination, and unknown sources. If remedial activities are necessary, NPN Environmental is equipped to competently implement remedial services with the foremost attention to cost-effectively providing a healthier work environment for building occupants.

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