Regulatory compliance is the focal point of all environmental, health, and safety issues for commercial and industrial operations. Relying on professionals with a practical regulatory knowledge in real-world situations is the key to maintaining compliant operations.

NPN Environmental's regulatory compliance team draws on a diverse background of experience, education, and training to provide our clients a complete range of regulatory compliance services. Our expert team is comprised of engineers and scientists providing comprehensive and economic solutions to our clients' regulatory needs.

Facility Audits

NPN Environmental's various compliance protocols are designed to identify specific environmental or health and safety issues applicable to a facility's operation (i.e., hazardous waste, air pollution, storm water, wastewater, etc.). The audit team observes processes, work practices and reviews all regulatory files, reports, permits, and other documentation to prepare a confidential compliance status report of an operation.

Environmental Notebooks

The environmental notebook complements the facility compliance audit. Unlike the facility audit, which identifies non-compliant issues and activities at a facility, the environmental notebook is designed to be a reference guide for facility personnel by identifying applicable Federal, State and local regulations and their specific requirements. Our team will custom design notebooks to focus on a particular regulatory issue or all issues applicable to a specific facility. Notebooks are useful in immediately referencing compliance requirements for a facility.

Plans and Reports

Various Federal and State environmental regulations require facilities to submit compliance plans, programs, and/or reports. NPN Environmental is experienced in developing accurate plans and reports including Form R reports, Tier II reports, quarterly, annual, and biennial hazardous waste activity reports, chemical release reports, spill prevention plans, storm water pollution prevention plans (SWPPP), risk management plans (RMP), and FIFRA pesticide registrations.

OSHA Compliance

NPN Environmental diligently and cost-effectively develops and implements OSHA-required programs including lockout/tagout, machine guarding, fall protection, confined space entry, etc. Additionally, our industrial hygienists and air sampling professionals routinely perform personnel exposure monitoring for OSHA-regulated chemical exposures.

MSHA/SMCRA Compliance

NPN Environmental provides a complete range of services including obtaining SMCRA or other permits and assisting clients with mine planning and development. Whether revising a permit, designing an impoundment or seeking bond release, our experienced team allows us to successfully and resourcefully provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

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