NPN Environmental's water quality management team has extensive experience in the development and implementation of innovative solutions to water quality and wastewater concerns. Our experienced consulting staff is comprised of environmental engineers, scientists, and technicians.

Our expertise is based on a strong working knowledge of water quality regulations and hands-on experience in obtaining discharge permits, performing outfall sampling, conducting process evaluations and direct involvement in day-to-day operations and maintenance of water/wastewater treatment plants.

Discharge Permits and Compliance

NPN Environmental prepares water/wastewater permit applications that includes NPDES, storm water, State and local permits. Through established regulatory resources, we have the ability to expeditiously facilitate permit acquisition. Our team has successfully developed regulatory compliance programs based upon our extensive experience and knowledge of regulatory standards and plan requirements.

Outfall Sampling

NPN Environmental provides discharge monitoring and outfall sampling to meet regulatory requirements and permit conditions. Water quality monitoring and sampling strategies are developed in accordance with specific permit conditions or process evaluation criteria. All field monitoring and parameter screenings are conducted to accepted regulatory standards and include grab, 24-hour composite, and incremental flow-weighted sampling. Our team has comprehensive experience in monitoring and managing wet weather programs, including special investigations and pilot studies for CSO systems and site-specific storm water projects. We use independent accredited laboratories that utilize EPA analytical protocols to prevent conflicts of interest and minimize client risk and liability.

Process Evaluations

NPN Environmental specializes in water/wastewater process evaluations. Our team employs site-specific strategies designed to cost-effectively characterize a facility's water consumption and discharges. Our water quality experts perform water usage and treatability studies, assess waste minimization opportunities, and design and implement effluent sampling programs to identify critical process factors. Once process factors are identified, recommendations are given and programs developed to significantly reduce operational costs associated with both water consumption and effluent discharge.

Treatment Plant Operation and Maintenance

NPN Environmental's consulting staff has direct experience in day-to-day O&M and management of municipal and industrial water/wastewater treatment plants. Our team has experience in conducting evaluations and troubleshooting treatment plant operations in addition to developing and implementing cost-effective solutions for industrial treatment facilities with multiple parameter discharge requirements.

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